Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

#25 Velvet is not respionsible for price changes. 
In case the ordered product drops in price after receiving, you can return the item and place a new order.
The return shipment needs to be done at your own expense. We do not guarantee that the desired item is still available in stock and are not responsible for being unable to purchase the desired product.

#25 Velvet is not responsible for physical or psychic effects after purchasing our products.  
We always try to check the origin and quality of our products, but cannot be held responsible for effects like for instance allergic reactions to materials, paint, and/or situations that occur after purchasing our products such as children swallowing tiny parts. 

# 25 Velvet is not responsible for damage to products by own use.
We always check carefully our products before shipping them. We cannot be held responsible for results or effects after using our products.
We ask you to consult the washing labels and carefully handle external effects such as ironing. 

Discount conditions

In case you make use of any of our special discount offers, these are valid only if after any return shipment the discount offer is still valid. 
# Free shipment after a minimum purchasing amounts is only valid if after possible returns, the minimum purchase amount is still reached. If in case of returns the purchase amount is less than the minimum amount for free shipment, the shipping costs will still be charged . 
# Discounts for ordering a minimum number of items are only valid if after any possible returns, the minimum number of products is still reached. 

Revocation right & Guarantee

After purchasing via our website, you have the legal 2 weeks of time to reflect.
For information about returning your purchase, please consult our return page in the navigation menu.

After having used our products we do not offer guarantee or repairs. 
Did you have a negative experience with one of our products, please let us know via info@25velvet.com.
If we are informed about sufficient complaints about the same product we will contact the corresponding supplier in order to cooperate only with the best suppliers. Our term to react on statements and/or complaints is 2 weeks. We strive to have an optimal price-quality ratio and are very satisfied with our suppliers so far. 

Shipping conditions

# 25 velvet is not responsible for delays in deliveries by third persons, such as transport companies. 
# 25 velvet is not responsible for damages- or loss of products by transport since all products are inspected carefully before shipping. 


Information and data about our customers are safe and will be treated confidentially. We will not share any customer information with third parties.